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DC Motors

PD16 Planetary Gear DC Motor
Product Code : 001M000890

Pleanetary geared motor has gotten to be celebrated due to higher productivity and kickback, we now convey another greater model. 45mm offer better power and speed contrasted with 42mm and 32mm model. This planetary geared motor is made by a build up Taiwanese engine organization to guarantee the engine quality and toughness.


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Frameless Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors
Product Code : 001M000847

This bldc frameless motor design, is also known as a rotor/stator part set. This brushless motor are commonly used in printing machines, textile machines, coding machines, etc. in adjustable or variable speed applications. They can develop high torque with good speed response.

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Low Voltage Motors
Product Code : 001M000764

Our low voltage engine items cover an execution range from 0.09 to 4000 kW. Favorable circumstances of our AC engine frameworks are numerous: they are profoundly proficient with a positive vitality parity; they accompany blast insurance to meet high security benchmarks; and they comply with IEC or NEMA gauges