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L115F1 Series Latching Relay
Product Code : 001M000855

CIT relay & switch provide the L115F1 series latching relay up to 50 amp. The ul/cul approved L115F1 is a single coil power relay that can hold out against heavy contact load with strong shock and vibration resistance. It is UL F class rated standard and is ideal for energy smart applications

CIT Relay & Switch

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CAS/CS Series - DPDT 2 Amp
Product Code : 001M000678

Signifies the contact exchanging mixes accessible on a hand-off and are characterized regarding number of posts, number of tosses (single or twofold), ordinary position (open or close), and the grouping to make and break.The run of the mill force, voltage or current, which a hand-off can turn on and off under determined states of burden, encompassing temperature and moistness. As a rule, the contact rating alludes to resistive burden.

Nac Semi Inc

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