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Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma Cutting Machine PL500
Product Code : 001M000851

Cut metal the easy path with our Woodward Fab plasma cutters. They include strong state gadgets, a solid metal bureau, and 220 V single-stage electric. The plasma cutters incorporate a hand light with link, ground link with brace, and power rope. The Woodward Fab plasma cutters can slice up to 1/2 in. gentle steel and have a variable yield controller.

Woodward Fab

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SR CNC Plasma Cutter Table
Product Code : 001M000818

The table cnc plasma cutting machine for the most part utilized for metal plate cutting underneath 20mm thick.It can cut carbon steel,stainless steel and aluminum plate. It is broadly connected in commercial enterprises, for example, apparatus, vehicles, shipbuilding, petro-concoction, war industry, metallurgy, aviation, kettle and weight vessel, train and so on.


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