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Hex Washer Tapping Drive Screw
Product Code : 001M000819

Use self-boring screw store attach materials to aluminum or sheet metal up to 7 ga. without the need of a pilot opening. The tip size is assigned 1 through 5 to show the thickness of sheet metal the screw will infiltrate. Whether you pick a hex head screw or a skillet head screw relies on upon the attaching apparatus and the fancied appearance.

Benchmark Fasteners, Inc.

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Thread Cutting Screws
Product Code : 001M000798

Thread cutting screws are a grade of self-tapping screw that create threads in existing holes in metal, and are often used as fasteners in items that need regular maintenance. Thread cutting screws are available in a wide variety of materials, finishes & head / drive styles.


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Precisionpping screw
Product Code : 001M000641

We can supply a full line of standard clasp to, and designed latches to client details. Precision screw products is keen on turning into your complete latch supplier, at focused costs, with on time conveyance. precision screw products keeps on being an industry pioneer as a supplier of Stainless Steel and Non-Ferrous clasp, at the most aggressive costs in the business.


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