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Shot Peening Machines and Systems

Hose Reels Spring Operated
Product Code : 001M000688

The exhaust hose reels is very much adjusted to catch the fatal toxins discharged from burning motors. Made of tough moved steel parts, the forces the adaptable hose around the drum when not being used. A substantial obligation double spring pack with ­ratchet lock system is situated in favor of the reel. Discretionary engine driven reels with radio sign control is likewise accessible alongside a fan mounted straightforwardly on the hose reels.


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Ultrasonic-Shot Peening
Product Code : 001M000633

In ultrasonic shot peening, in variance, the same effect is achieved by means of high-frequency ultrasonic waves. In the process, the shot is set into a random rotate motion inside a component-specific peening chamber to act on the component.

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