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Time and Attendance Systems

Biometric HandPunch
Product Code : 001M000867

The hand punch has saved us time and money. It does all the time management work for us. We’re able to better manage staff attendance, punctuality and overtime. Bio metrics identifies people by a unique human characteristic. The size and structure of a hand, a fingerprint, the voice and several aspects of the eye are just some unique attributes.

Central Time Clock, Inc.

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White Pigmented
Product Code : 001M000664

White pigmented curing compound is a waterborne, tar based curing compound containing suspended white shade. It grants complete hydration of the bond by holding no less than 97% of the water present in the solid at the season of use for no less than seven days. The white color mirrors the warmth creating beams of the sun, keeping solid surfaces cooler and averting extreme warmth develop and resultant warm breaking amid the curing time frame.

Hunt process Crop

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