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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is there any cost for Registration?

We offer both free membership and paid at First E Source.

For Paid: The cost depends upon the membership pack that you subscribe which depends on your requirements.  

What is the mode of payment accepted at First E Source?

At First  E Source, we accept payment through Pay Pal and Credit Card.  

Do you have annual subscription options?

Yes we have annual membership subscription package at First E Source. Do check our website or contact our Customer support center for more details.

Do I get a refund if I terminate my membership before it expires?

No. You do not get a refund of your money, in the case if you choose to deactivate your First E Source membership before the estimated expiry. 

Can I be both a Buyer and Supplier?

Yes. You can be both a buyer and a supplier. But, first you must possess a primary account as a buyer or as a supplier. After which you may take over additional job as a buyer or as a supplier accordingly. 

What kind of service can I advertise on First E Source?

Anything related to Engineering is welcome at First E Source. 


What kind of Memberships do you offer?

At First E Source, we offer free and paid membership. 

What do you mean by free membership?

Membership is free.


How long does Free membership last?

In the case of suppliers and service providers, the Free membership is limited over a period of time. For all others, Free membership will be for an unlimited period. 

What is Paid membership?

Paid Membership means, you have to pay for the services offered at First E Source. It is a step ahead of Free membership and you will be eligible to browse through profiles, communicate with scholars and have a healthy and deeper idea over Engineering and its branches. 

How long would Paid Membership last?

Paid Membership at  First E Source last for 1 year.

What are the advantages of paid membership?

You are entitled to benefit from a host of distinguished features that are unavailable over a Free Membership subscription. 

Why am I unable to view the prices of Membership packs?

 Prices depend upon the membership that you choose. First E Source offers the flexibility of choosing what you need.


As a buyer what kind of payment should I make to First E Source for registration?

The registration is absolutely FREE at First E Source.

How do I make payment for a product or service?

The supplier decides on the mode of transaction and payment.  

How do we know if the supplier is real or not?

First E Source is not responsible for the authenticity of the supplier.  The burden of verification falls on the buyer

How do I get my money back if the expected product is not supplied?

If the product or service received is not up to the mark, then its up to the buyer to settle down with the company or the supplier. First E Source is in no way responsible in this matter. 

What kind of warranty that First E Source provide?


First E Source does not provide any warranty to the buyer. Its up to the buyer to decide on the products and the supplier or the service provider.

What if I am not satisfied with products that I have received?

Any dispute of quality or quantity must be settled between the buyer and the supplier. First E Source is only a facilitator and makes an establishment between a buyer and a supplier.

Who decides about the quotes we send?

 The Buyer decides on the quote value. First e Source play no role in either influencing the buyer or the supplier. We just facilitate the deal.

Whom can I approach to settle my dispute with the supplier?

You must approach the supplier and if that fails, then the court of law.

First E Source does not involve in settling any disputes. 


I want to register as a supplier, what are the steps?

First e Source welcomes everyone joining us associated with Engineering. Initially you can avail free trial registration. Then you may select any one of our subscription packs like Silver, Gold or Custom. 

Contact our Customer support executive to know more about registration process and subscription packs.

What are the charges for registering on First E Source?

It depends upon the package that you choose. Browse through our website and decide on your requirements, while after you decide, our customer support executive would assist on the selection of package.

Contact Suppliers and Service Providers

Tell me how can I contact a professional.

Contacting a professional is easy. You may send an email through First E Source to the concerned professional.. 

Can I put my company profile in First E Source?

Yes, if you possess a paid membership. We also offer you a sub domain where you are eligible to publish your profile.  

Can I specify a budget when I request a quote?

Yes. You can specify budget  based on your business requirements at First E Source.

Do I have to pay First E Source before I get the contact details of a professional?

If you are a registered member at First E Source, then you are eligible to browse through a few contact details of a professional. If you subscribe to a membership pack then you may browse through more contact details depending upon the pack that you subscribe. Please contact our customer support executive for more details.

How do I contact a service provider?

Contacting a Service Provider in First E Source is easy. You may click the "Contact Service Provider" tab next to the service option. You will be taken to a form, where the suitable requirements may be chalked out. On clicking "Submit", a mail will be sent to the service provider with your desired requirements. 

How do I know if anyone is viewing the sub-domain provided by First E Source?

On logging into your account, you will find the “analytics” tab between organization Info and utilities tab. Click on that tab and you will see all the details about people visiting the sub-domain. 

I am unable to find a service provider, who fits my budget, what should I do?

We have many service providers associated with us at First E Source. At all possibilities you are able to find a service provider who fits your budget. If not feel free to contact our customer support center. They would receive your requirements to make you find a service provider for your budget.

Will First E Source provide a list of professionals to suit my needs?

First E Source is an Engineering portal. Professionals from all fields of Engineering are available to assist you at any level. The only thing that you have to do is to utilize the search bar to find a suitable professional or the requirements that you are looking forward.    

Products and Services

How do I search for Products in First E Source?

It is simple. There is a search tab on top of the webpage. Place your required search query on the search tab and click on the search button to find suitable products at First E Source. 

What if I cannot find the product that I am looking for?

In case if you are unable to find the product that you are searching for, then please mail us at [email protected]. We make sure that you get a response as soon as possible.


Why can't I see the prices of the products on your site?

Each supplier will have his own price over the product that he deals with. That is the main reason for the unavailability of product price list. 

Account Details

How can I change my Password?

Once after logging in, you will find the " Change Password" option under " My Account ". You can click on it and change your old password. 

Can I change my Profile Information?

Yes. You can edit your your profile information. Log in to your profile and you may find it easy to update or modify it based on your requirements.   

How do I enter my credit card information?

After logging in to your account, you may find "Payment Methods" tab under My Account. Click on it and then add your credit information. Enter your credit card address information. If your credit card address is the same as your billing address, then select the " Same as Billing address" option. The data will be filled automatically. 

How can I add my Billing information to my account?

Once you login, you will find the Billing information tab under My Account. Click on it and you can add your billing information.   

Can I change my customer type?

Yes. You can change the type of member you would like to be at First E Source. Contact our Customer support center for further assistance.. 

As a supplier how do I know what business Enquiries came through First E Source?

In your Dashboard you will find “Manage Enquiry” Tab. Under that you will find Business Enquiry. Here you will find the list of business enquiries that came through First E Source. Under service quotes you can find their requests and your responses to them.

Can I find the list of buyers who have purchased from me through First E Source?

In your dashboard there is a selection called "My Buyers Tab" under "My Business". You will find a list of buyers who have made business transactions with you through First E Source.   

How do I track the quotes that I have requested from First E Source?

Once you login, you will find "FES Service Quote" tab under " My Account ". You can click on it. Under this tab you will find all the quotes that you have requested along with the responses.  

My billing information is the same as my profile information, should I enter it again?

 No. Under billing information you will find an option "Same as Profile Information". If you select it, then the profile information that you have provided will be updated in the billing information space. 


How do I apply for a contract posted on First E Source?

Applying for a contract posted on First E Source is easy. You can apply by clicking the apply button next to the contract.  

What is the role of First e Source in the transactions?

First e Source plays no role in transaction process. Our role is limited to that of a facilitator.   It is up to the buyer and the company or the buyer and the supplier to decide.

How will the potential employer contact me?

Once you apply for a contract, First E Source will send a mail to the employer, informing him about your interest. In reply the employer would mail us regarding their willingness in accepting the contract. In reply, we would directly forward this mail to you. 

Can anyone other than employer see my application?

No, only First E Source and the employer would be able to see your application.   

Does First E Source settles disputes between buyers and suppliers?


Any dispute between buyer and seller must be settled down within themselves. 

Professionals and Consultants

How do I contact consultants and professionals who are available to offer expert advice on various fields of Engineering.

You may browse through the profiles of Engineering experts and professionals by searching against various disciplines of Engineering. 

What are the charges for viewing a consultant profile?

For viewing a consultant profile, First E Source does not charge its members. It is absolutely free. First E Source offers Free Registration.

Where can I find the contact details of consultants?

You may find contact details of consultants by viewing their complete First E Source profile.  

Will First E Source help me by recommending consultants?

No, First E Source does not recommend any consultants to our members. We provide a search list of authorized and expert consultants. 

Engineering Professionals Associations

Will the Engineering Professionals Association charge me membership fees?

The Engineering professionals association may or may not charge membership fee. Its up to the particular association and its members to decide over it. As far as First E Source is concerned, we help you in finding the desired Engineering professional association. 

How do I contact an Engineering Professionals Association?

Contacting an Engineering Professionals Association is easy. By clicking the " Contact Association" button, you may contact the particular Engineering Association. 

Should I subscribe to the journals and publications of an association to join?

Its purely based on your wish to subscribe for a journal that is published on First E Source. Please contact the respective group authorities or association members for more details.


I am an Engineering student, do I have access to engineering journals and publications?

First e Source is an Engineering portal where you have access to Engineering journals and publications. First you have to register with us to access Journals and publications. For more details contact our customer support center.

What are the Engineering resources available for students?

At First E Source, Students may gain experience through resources such as e journals and publications posted by authorized Engineering associations and other professionals.

How to upgrade my membership from engineering student to engineer?

There will be an option on your dashboard, where you can update your membership from an Engineering student to an Engineer when you complete your graduation. 

Once I graduate, do I have to pay any charges to continue using First E Source?

No, You do not have to pay any charges.  Just make sure to update your profile from student to Engineer. 

I am working on my college project. Can First E Source assist me in completing it within the deadline?

First E Source is here to help Engineers in their academics too. Register at First E Source. Engineering professionals associations and other groups are available to assist you. But at the end of the day it is up to you to cope up with them and complete your project within the deadline. First E Source will not be responsible for delay in your project submission.



 Most orders are now traceable on-line! Or, if you prefer, contact Customer Service with your purchase order number or FSE order Reference number. Customer Service has access and traceable links to all major carriers. We would be happy to trace your shipment and supply all pertinent transit/delivery information.


Can I apply for Jobs posted in First E Source?

If you are a registered member of First E Source, then you are eligible to apply for jobs. 

How can I search for a Job in First E Source?

Searching for a Job in First E Source is a very easy task. Please use the search bar to find your required job. 

What are the options available for searching a job?

At First E Source, the different options available for searching a job are through




            Minimum Salary

            Maximum Salary

            Experience etc.,

Ours is a top MNC company. We are recruiting big this season and are looking out for energetic and skilled Engineers. Can you help?

Yes. Please register with our First E Source website. You may browse through profiles of many such skilled Engineering graduates over our database. Selection and processing of candidates solely depends upon your company and its recruiter.