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First e Source (FeS), the engineering web portal, creates opportunities for all associations engaged in the various engineering fields to establish trustworthy and reliable contacts all over the world. Numerous members and experts across the globe can be readily accessed by registering with us.


Engineering associations can publish their profile and explain all of the activities in which they are engaged on the FeS web portal. It also allows associations to gain access to information regarding other related societies and federations Basic standards and requirements can be drawn which members need to follow, resulting in uniformity in products and services The collective experiences and general problems faced by members can be readily gathered, paving the way to overall solutions.


Associations the worldwide can work together, providing each member the benefits of enjoying privileged access to “insider” information Working as a group produces increased opportunities to generate job leads—the process of hiring and being hired become much smoother There are greater opportunities to create publicity and to exhibit the range of activities in which you are engaged Information regarding Manufacturers / suppliers and buyers can be easily shared, helping to build greater trust and more comfortable relationships.

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