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First E Source (FeS) is a web portal catering to the needs of numerous applications in the Engineering industry. We serve Engineering Journals & Publications as well. We offer those in Engineering publishing industry a great chance to cover a lot of ground globally, by using our website.

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By registering with FeS, you get connected to a large number of Engineering as well as Business subscribers. Reaching the target audience and developing links with potential future subscribers is made easy here. Self marketing becomes smooth, data such as journal details—whether Digital, Online, or Printed can be circulated quickly over a vast audience. Registering with us enables publishing a complete profile about your journal or publication easier.

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Publications can post their articles on our portal or post their abstracts of articles and forward their links to their respective websites When you are registered with us, all your details and necessary data will be appearing in our web page under your Banner There is opportunity to gain enormous publicity with FeS registrations—as we promote your web page on our site on a regular basis Interaction with contemporary journals & publications across the globe is possible through us.

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