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As an Engineering Educational Institution, you can achieve a lot of productive publicity through First E Source (FeS) online portal. We provide you with a platform for interacting with Engineering Students as well as faculty all over the world in a productive way.

What You Gain

You can display the various courses available in your institution for students, course curriculum, duration and charges involved, and so on. Labs, Workshops, Infrastructure, Departments, and Residential facilities can be presented in detail. Exhibiting your strengths enables attracting world class students as well as faculty. Specific problems posted online get viewed by many institutions, drawing the best solutions.

What You can Expect

Possibility to interact with Educational Institutions across the Globe. Exchange of students and faculty leading to develop knowledge sharing processes. International Research Projects. Separate web page filled with all essential information about your institution. Presentable display enabling you to spread your ideals and policies, along with various course-related details on the web. Separate page on students details—improving placement for your graduating students.

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