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First E Source (FeS) presents great prospects to Faculty for publishing their complete profile on the Internet and draw attention from individuals and international universities. They may gain space to avail publicity and exposure the world over.

How Faculty can make use of FeS

Interaction with your own as well as international students possible. Generic and specific problems can be circulated and solutions arrived at. You get to interact with international professionals and faculty members across the globe. Latest information about all engineering fields will be emailed, adding to knowledge gain as well as knowledge sharing. It is possible to publish Research Report on the web, thus reaching world wide audience.

What FeS Offers to Faculty

Acts as a link to several eminent professionals around the world. You can develop close link with other faculty and peers. Guidance from learned scholars and reputed professionals is possible, increasing the chances to advance your career. Unique expertise and experience can be exhibited in convenient manner—reaching far and wide. Complete Profile can be published free of cost, getting proximity of noted experts all over the world. Access to various useful Engineering Journals, Publications, and Bulletins.

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