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First e Source (FeS) is an engineering web portal that provides great opportunities for Engineering Students to gain exposure to the current tools, technologies, and activities in many engineering fields from around the world. When you register with us, you can access the most up-to-date and useful information about career advancement.

What Students Gain from FeS

Through FeS, you can post your complete profile on the web. Increased possibilities of participating in international seminars, webinars, and research activities. Presentation of papers, new inventions, and various other academic exercises. Excellent job opportunities. Sharing scholarly as well as other materials on the web. A chance to earn while you learn. Excellent experience for landing a better job after graduation.

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As an engineering student, you qualify for absolutely FREE REGISTRATION at FeS. By registering with FeS, students can share engineering problems on the Internet, and get expert solutions. Discussion with respected scholars and experienced faculty possible. Gain additional knowledge regarding various engineering subjects—both study-oriented and career-oriented. Progress in education leading to Career advancement. Future possibilities for scholarships to great institutions across the globe. Internships at reputable and prestigious firms and organizations.

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