History of First E Source, a Division of First Source Engineering Inc

First E Source, a Division of First Source Engineering Inc., is the brain child of designer Peri Venkat, who started the company in September, 2010. The idea was to have a unique portal for the Engineering Community – a true marketplace designed for engineering products and services. The business model was modified in January, 2014, to include greater functionality.

Peri has 19 years of experience in online E-commerce applications and 10 years Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM). He has a BE (BS) Degree in Civil Engineering from the University Of Madras, India, in 1975. Peri also earned a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering (MS) from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota in 1980.

Licensed as a Professional Engineer by the State of Pennsylvania since 1981, Peri worked in Philadelphia as a Structural Engineer at United Engineers (a unit of Raytheon) from 1981 to 1983 and at Sargent and Lundy Engineers from 1983 to 1991.

Peri left to pursue his own business in 1991, starting online E-commerce platforms . In 2004, he founded CBS Systems Corp. (www.CbsSys.com), a service for E-commerce web solutions.

Unique E-commerce tools developed by Venkat include “VizTracker” (www.VizTracker.com) for tracking website visitors (in 2006), and Landing Page Maker (www.LandingPageMaker.net), patented software for creating instantly searchable landing pages in 2011.

FES History

First E Source (FeS) technical experts and marketing executives have more than three decades of combined experience in marketing products online. Our subscription service will customize a program which will give your company online visibility and recognition through:

  1. Search engine optimization and marketing (SEO and SEM)
  2. Adword program placement (keyword prominence)
  3. Patented software to create exclusive dynamic landing pages
  4. Our self-promoted FeS portal – accessing the engineering community of manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and universities

Most companies these days have websites that are no more than cyber billboards, at best. Don’t let your website be one of those.

Understand that there are 140,000 new websites that go online every day. To really have a productive web presence often requires considerable time, expense and expertise. First Source Engineering’s unique design and marketing concept is an effective, economical, efficient alternative that is based on years of experience.

FES Introduction
What FeS Can Do for Buyers and Sellers

• Find Products
• Acquire Engineering Solutions
• Access Experts
• Find Customers
• Manage Sales Process
• Connect Worldwide
• Take Orders
First e Source Can Provide You...

Experts in...

Marketing Products/Services
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Meadia Marketing

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Resources in...

Latest Industry News
Engineering Standards and Publications
Career News and Opportunities
Internships for Students
Solutions for Variety of Industries


Patented Software
Big Data Resources
Online Chat App

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Product Manufacturers/Suppliers
Services/Consultants/Trade Associations
Publications/Educational Institutions

FES Services
Landing Page Maker (LPM)

Patented Software for FeS Customers

• Landing Page Maker (LPM) was developed by Mr. Peri Venkat, Founder of CBS Systems Corp. and First   Source Engineering Inc.,
• U.S. Patent was awarded to Landing Page Maker Software in 2011

LPM is a Revolutionary Software for Creating High-Performing Landing Pages in Just Few Minutes

It is available for FeS subscribers.

Landing Page Maker is customizable software that can help instantly create highly effective landing pages. Even better, these pages are search engine friendly and perfect for any pay-per-click marketing programs.

Why is this LPM so important? It means that with a little sales copy and a few clicks of a mouse, you can create keyword-specific landing pages that yield:

• Superior organic search results, click-through rates and sales conversions.
• Higher landing page "Quality Scores" (and conversion rates from keyword-targeted visitors).
• Lower cost-per-click rates, based on your higher "Quality Scores,” and perfect for any of the pay-per-click   marketing programs.

Please call our sales representative or email us at sales@FirstESource.com for further information.