Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing


Soma Keshri, Oct 4 2017


Market impact with the new trend of marketing technology

Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing


The bottom line of Business turns incredible once the direct stakeholders understand the need for their product/services to community, ways of reaching to right audience and making them to finally buy the same. Business needs in-depth understanding of need and transforming that specific need to upcoming product or services is highly required. Success lies in process involved in executing the business in right equation. This can lead to understand that the input in business model has to be strongly acknowledged and output has to be reasonably predicted well in advance.

All the functions of business - sales, marketing, operations, legal and customer service etc. should share the objective in serving community in common. The vision should be known to everyone. This will bring the right and appropriate channel to arrive at the end goal.

No doubt, we have encountered a huge transition in making community use our products /services from a conventional style. Now, people are nearer and accessible to plenty of information which can influence their buying pattern. Referential inputs are real catalyst for most of us while taking significant buying decisions.

Traditional Marketing:

It includes Print Media like newspaper & magazine ads, newsletters, brochures & other printed materials, Broadcast Media like TV and Radio ads, Direct Mail like including fliers, postcards, and catalogs, Telemarketing.

1.       In the traditional method, you can easily reach your target local audience. For example, a radio ad might play in one location whether a city or a region or mailbox flyers will go to households in a number of selected suburbs.

2.      The material can be kept not only along with you in the form of hard copies but also the audience can, and which they can read or browse through over and over again. This can be easily understood by most of the people because they are already exposed to such strategies.

Thus this strategy has more personal approach since marketers can have a person to person relationship in informing the public about their product or brand.

Digital Marketing:

1. Digital marketing can allow you to reach Domestic as well as an International target audience which will help get more leads.

2. Your audience can have the more options to choose how they want to receive your content.

3. Digital Marketing platform allows you to get interact with your targeted audience through Social Media. You can encourage them to visit your website, about products & services, like them, rate them, provide feedback which is not only visible to you but also to your visitor audience.

4. Simple to measure that will help you take better decisions quickly for better business development.

5. This gives Real-Time Results.

6. You can refinement of your strategies at any point and see any improvement and opportunities for further refinement almost instantaneously.

7. Branding.

8. Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.

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