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100 Psi 2 Gallon 115 VAC Air Compressor
Product Code : 001M001026

Surplus offers a wide choice of gas and electric air compressors and vacuum pumps. Control up your air devices with a compact air compressor or locate a rotating screw air compressor with a high CFM rating. We have pneumatic vacuum pumps intended to keep fluid, gas, or refrigeration wind stream up and clamor levels down
 BelAire IMC-3G3HH Two Stage Gas Driven Air Compressor
Product Code : 001M000827

Worked for the administration proficient and conveying up to 18.5 cfm, these compressors can deal with the hardest circumstance. Accuracy designed in a tough bundle; complete with beneficiary tank, electric and force begin and a working weight up to 175 PSI, the Belair will take care of business

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Product Code : 001M000695

Based on our powerful track record and experience over the past half century, our high quality compressors, lower sound levels durability and unsurpassed reliability are regarded as being a dependable choice. We offer a wide range of unique products for various applications friendly refrigerants into your systems, while seamlessly improving efficiency and performance levels.

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