Ball Valves

Ball Valve
Product Code : 001M000951

A Ball Valves is a quarter-turn turning development valves that utilization a ball-formed plate to control a stream. In the event that the valves is begun, the crevices in the ball stay in accordance with the body inlet empower material to move. Mechanical Ball Valve product offering is in a perfect world suited to high temperature and high weight water or steam and in addition an extensive variety of substantial business HVAC control applications.The balls are generally delivered of a few metallic while the seats are framed from smooth segments like Teflon.
Lee Sanitary Ball Valves
Product Code : 001M000848

Two-Way inline and flush base aseptic ball Valves are intended for the preparing of a wide assortment of items in the sustenance, drink, and pharmaceutical commercial ventures. They highlight steam following around the stem gathering, delta spine, tank or vessel rib and discretionary steam followed end associations with guarantee defilement free course through the valve
Series FS 84/99 Fire Safe High Performance 3 Piece Ball Valves
Product Code : 001M000837

In-line serviceable swing-out focus segment permits simple access to inner valve segments without exasperating arrangement of funnel. Capacities as both valve and union.Self conforms with weight and temperature fluctuations.Blow-out verification hostile to static configuration avoids mischances and wounds.

Robin Neron Ltd

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Series 22 Direct Mount 2-pc
Product Code : 001M000810

Series 22 direct mount gives safe operation to general and modern compound applications. A to the max, two piece stainless steel ballcock with ptfe seat and ISO mounting top for in citation. Accessible in Screwed bsp or npt end associations, sizes: 1/4" to 3".

Mountain Controls

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2" 12v Ball valve
Product Code : 001M000717

Electric on off string 2 inch 12 volt ball valve, high accuracy throwing body, high stage plan, accord with standard,directly mounting pneumatic actuator, electric actuator acknowledge programmed control. Control sort is partitioned into switch sort and control sort.

Tobin Apparatus.

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Flanged Ball Valve
Product Code : 091C000090

Flanged ball valves feature are compact, one pieces these body design with threaded insert. The one piece body supplies huge structural strength while minimizing the number of potential leak paths. A floating ball design offers low torque and increases valve cycle life.
Two Way Ball Valve
Product Code : 091C000084

This ball valve can give quick and easy on/off manual control for isolating manual releases and drains.These ball valves can also be edited to incorporate the use of special materials, seals for high temperature applications, subsea models, and valve actuators.
Three Way Ball Valve
Product Code : 091C000081

Three way ball valves are typically used to switch flow from one port to the other. We stock inventory for a huge selection of normal automated valve assemblies, and are able to provide custom solutions for any industry or application.