Bulk Storage Silos and Bins

Product Code : 001M000768

Standard new rooftops are made of galvalume steel and have a base thickness of .024". At extra costs new rooftops can be any custom shading. Other than the metal rooftop, we additionally offer a fiberglass rooftop alternative. Storehouse rooftops can be supplanted at whatever time, paying little mind to season and bolster levels.
Product Code : 001M000724

This silo design decreases start up time and establishment work required in running wire, conductor, and funneling inside the hardware room. Amid establishment of the storehouse nourishing framework gear room, all funneling and conductor are kept running under the floor grinding, against the storehouse divider, or overhead on the feeder scaffold to lessen trip risks for administrators leaving the food stockpiling

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Aluminum Silos
Product Code : 001M000706

Aluminum silos are conveyed in one piece. Ground stay with jolts for storehouses not weighed; with hostile to inversion for storehouses with measuring frameworks - usage as per NF EN 1991-1-4 (wind activity); and metal system for the stacking bushels.