Butterfly Valves

2” Clamped Butterfly Valve
Product Code : 044M001107

Fort Vale Engineering

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United Kingdom

Butterfly Valve Wafer Type
Product Code : 001M000952

Wafer style is the more basic of the two and is less costly than the haul style. The wafer style butterfly valve is just about the standard. It ís so basic that nobody even tries to utilize "wafer" when requesting a butterfly valve. It is underestimated that if a butterfly valve is requested, a wafer style will be gotten.
Butterfly Valve
Product Code : 091C000089

Butterfly valves have been advanced with extensive application, design and manufacturing expertise. These products are produced by employing modern process of practices under a robust quality assurance system. These butterfly valves are designed for various branches of industry like oil and gas, the chemical, the power industry, the communal services.