Capacitive displacement Sensors

HPC Series Cylindrical Probes
Product Code : 001M000868

Capacitors hpc round and hollow tests are the most prominent of its non-contact line of capacitive sensors because of the simplicity of establishment to gauge an earth grounded target. HPC Cylindrical Probes are accessible in a wide operational temperature range for exact uprooting estimations from cryogenic to 1000°C.

Capacitec Inc

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Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Product Code : 091C000146

Capacitive sensing is a non contact technology appropriate for detecting metals, nonmetals, solids, and liquids, although it is leading, suited for nonmetallic targets because of its characteristics and cost relative to inductive proximity sensors. These sensors are also remarkably resistant to interference.
Inductive Proximity Sensor
Product Code : 091C000145

Inductive proximity sensors detect metal item without touching them. When a metal target enters the sensing field, eddy currents are move in the target, reducing the signal amplitude and triggering a change of state at the sensor output.