Heavy Duty 400-1250 lbs Caster
Product Code : 001M000881

These casters highlight a top plate and burden of zinc-plated ¼" frosty shaped steel plate or cleaned type 304 stainless steel for astounding appearance and long life. There are an assortment of brake choices and framework casters which highlight an aggregate lock brake to emphatically secure haggles obligation casters are designed for burdens from 500 to 1,250 lbs. in applications including inn gear trucks, sustenance administration hardware, healing center beds and so on.

Garlands Inc

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United States

Heavy Duty Caster
Product Code : 001M000866

Move up to 10 tons on Maxi-Duty substantial obligation casters, outlined and worked for the hardest applications including shipbuilding, made lodging, car and aviation. Long life and tried and true administration are guaranteed with mhs caster and hardware premium manufactured steel swivel development. All manufactured steel wheels are machined with a slight crown to improve move capacity and swiveling.