Dampers and Louvers

Product Code : 091C000343

we produce worldwide quality standard mild steel dampers or M.S collar dampers. We create these dampers utilizing choice quality steel or electrifies iron. These gentle steel dampers discover utilization for controlling air volume in various taking care of adornments like grilles and diffusers.
Product Code : 091C000342

The damper is a entirely aluminium- made damper, with a weld less screwed frame. Just like the frame, dampers can be made to calculate for different solutions: made lighter and pressure air damper, etc.These are widely appreciated for their effective, smooth and quiet operation attributes. To make these resistant to corrosion and highly durable
Product Code : 091C000341

In the event of a fire, fire dampers close automatically to prevent the propagation of fire and smoke through duct work to adjacent nominate fire compartments. In the event of a fire, the damper is triggered at 72 °C or at 95 °C by a fusible link.
Product Code : 091C000340

Among the verging on boundless scope of items fortitude specialty can custom production are galvanized steel dampers. Galvanized steel dampers are an cheap and effective choice for many applications. Steel which has been coated with zinc in the galvanizing operation is corrosion resistant and should remain rust free for decades.
Product Code : 091C000339

We use high quality extruded aluminum to make the gravity louver which is usually used on the outside of walls. This aluminum louver configuration is planned for air extraction and automatic closet of duct, when the air equipment is switched off. It can be accurately adjusted for smooth performance.