Diffusers and Grilles

Architectural Linear Slot Diffusers
Product Code : 001M000889

we are employed in offering bulk of architectural linear slot diffuser. Diffuser are suitable for all commercial and industrial projects requiring single or multi slot diffuser for ceilings, bulkheads or sidewall supply and exhaust.

Anemostat Air Distribution

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Product Code : 091C000345

curved grille offers both perforated and linear bar grilles that can be curved to accommodate curved applications for walls, ceilings, and floors in residential and private enterprise projects.
Product Code : 091C000344

Fabricated in high caliber of overwhelming obligation aluminum expulsion profiles.It comprises of Fine Solution for underfloor air dispersion System This makes the item perfect for sidewall applications where strengthened recessed casings.
Product Code : 091C000337

A fully movable high capacity diffuser, featuring a reversible and rotatable core to fine-tune both pattern and deflection of the throw.Frame and inner rings are high quality aluminium construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance.
Product Code : 091C000336

Slot diffusers are supplied separate from the plenum box which is fitted to the back of the diffuser on location by others. Lined plenums are accessible as a choice. The supply air is associated by means of the round about side passage nozzle which is alternatively accessible with a volume control damper slot diffusers with 50 mm diffuser face (ostensible width) and movable air control components.
Product Code : 091C000335

Double deflection grille include two sets of individually adjustable blades. The front blades may be either horizontal or vertical. The grille is acceptable for sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications. Typical installations contain offices, shops, hotels and most commercial or industrial buildings.
Product Code : 091C000334

Designed for common use in a myriad of indoors applications, series sd single deflection grilles are suitable for supply or extract in walls, ceilings and ductwork Single Deflection grilles are a step up from supply units like air valves. Able to handle much huge air volumes, and with the adjustable blades enabling throw to be directed anywhere in a single plane.The blades may be either horizontal or vertical.
Product Code : 091C000333

Air vent grilles are intended for ventilation inside and outside of the building. The preferred standpoint is the likelihood to cover the vent gap of any size since, it doesn't have a back edge.
Product Code : 091C000332

Avail from us an accuracy designed scope of aluminum board diffuser and regular diffuser that are fabricated utilizing high review aluminum sheet and propelled creation procedures. Our Armstrong diffuser is furnished with a flush face that offers a structurally satisfying appearance. Also, our normal diffuser can be effortlessly expelled that encourages damper modification.
Product Code : 091C000331

An air diffuser is a vent furnish with deflectors. Hot or cold air is blown into an interior space through the diffuser. These air diffuser has variety of air diffusers including ceiling and slot diffusers, flue nozzles and various openings and grills.