Digital Multimeters

Ct40 Extech
Product Code : 001M001010

In this cable tester extra components are data hold and max hold, auto power off and a low battery marker on both the transmitter and receiver. feline II-600 Volt well being rating. Comes complete with two 9 volts batteries, 2 AAA batteries and a pocket case.
Keysight 34465A 6 digit Performance Truevolt DMM
Product Code : 001M000821

The Key sight 34465 A 6 digit, Performance true volt DMMs offer more elevated amounts of exactness, rate and determination. True volt DMM's graphical capacities, for example, pattern and histogram diagrams offer more bits of knowledge rapidly. The model additionally gives an information logging mode to simpler pattern examination and a digitizing mode for catching homeless people
Product Code : 001M000738

The Fluke 324 40/400A AC, 600V AC/DC this -RMS Clamp Meter with Temperature, and Capacitance Measurements are expected to perform in the most difficult circumstances and give clatter free, strong results customers can trust to positively break down issues. Bona fide rms estimations and streamlined ergonomics make the Fluke 324 Series Clamp Meters the best wide exploring mechanical assemblies for business and private circuit repairmen

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