Dyeing Machine

Product Code : 001M000578

In the few years back onwards so, a number of mechanical processes for the spray application of paint have been developed. The first of these processes, known as the conventional paint spray process, uses air under pressure to atomize the paint by forcing it between a spray gun nozzle at low pressure.
Dyeing Jigger Machine
Product Code : 091C000138

Jigger dyeing machine is one of the elderly dyeing machine used for cloth dyeing operations. Jigger machine is suitable for dyeing of woven cloth, up to boiling temperature without any creasing. Jigs exert considerable lengthwise tension on the cloth and are more suitable for the dyeing of woven than knitted fabrics.
Yarn Dyeing Machine
Product Code : 091C000137

These are used for their logical functioning, sturdy construction and easy installation whereas yarn dyeing is nothing more than join color to the yarn that has been used to create a garment or item, or adding color to yarn that will soon be used in knitting or crocheting projects. . In order to achieve maximum level of client satisfaction these products are offered to the clients at affordable prices.