Electrical Switches

Product Code : 001C000378

Our Limit Switches are electro-mechanical gadgets that comprise of an actuator mechanically connected to an arrangement of contacts. At the point when an article comes into contact with the actuator, the gadget works the contacts to represent the deciding moment an electrical association. Our breaking point switches work in an assortment of utilization and situations due to their toughness, straightforward obvious operation, simple establishment and solid operation.

Joyce Dayton Corp

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Product Code : 091C000258

Auto switch street light control system is a simple and powerful concept and they are deigned to turn on and turn of street lights automatically by using this system manual works are removed.Control signal generated by pic micro controller is used to turn on transistor which in turn stimulate, the relay coil and relay turn on the street light.
Position Controller
Product Code : 091C000202

The positioning controller, jointly with the programmable controller, PC and administrator interface, is one of the four principle units of production line computerization. Situating is about movement, and movement frequently includes velocity and accuracy. As pace can be identified with profitability, it is a region of much improvement. Be that as it may, when the machine speed expands, an issue with the stop accuracy is frequently produced.
Automatic Voltage Controller
Product Code : 091C000201

Automatic voltage controllers (AVC) and rectifier equipment for electroplating/hydrogenation and also special purpose transformers for industrial applications. An increase of the voltage above its nominal value leads to a shorter service life for electrical apparatus, and a decrease lowers the productivity and economically efficient operation of the equipment and the capacity of the transmission lines; it may also interfere with the stable operation of synchronous machines and induction motors.
Ignition Switch
Product Code : 091C000144

The ignition switch is often used interchangeably to refer to two very different parts the lock cylinder into which the key is placed, and the electronic switch that sits just behind the lock cylinder. The ignition switch also perform the far greater cause of connecting the starter to the battery, allowing the battery to send a powerful outpouring of electricity to the starter when the car is being started.
Handle Bar Control Switch
Product Code : 091C000143

This handle bar control switch can be used on virtually any motorcycle handlebars in combination with a control module for any required use like horn and turn signal. In this control switch plug and play roles control switch perfect for transform a bike to street legal or replacing a crashed switch.
Float Operated Level Switches
Product Code : 091C000136

The basic operation principle for float level switch action results from a change in liquid level When the level rises above the actuate point the float buoys up along with the level rise and actuates the magnetic switch which is kept inside the stem.