Filters and Separators

Product Code : 091C000286

The coolant separators is designed and developed to clean the coolant liquid from very fine ferrous particles which the conventional filters cannot separate. The usages of coolant separator assures uninterrupted flow of pure coolant liquid which is very much require for any precision grinding operation.The use of coolant in the grinding machine is passed through the filter to pull out course sediments and then discharged into the coolant separator inlet.
Product Code : 091C000271

Silotop is a cylindrical shaped dust collector for venting of pneumatically filled silos. Its stainless steel body contains angular mounted, poly pleat filter elements. The air jet cleaning system is integrated in the hinged weather protection cover.
Pulse Jet Bag Filter System
Product Code : 091C000126

Pulse jet bag filter, bags are wipe row by row, even while the dust laden gas is filtered concurrently. The sequence of cleaning is manage automatically by a sequence controller. This operates the assembly of solenoid and pulse valves which direct the air flow.