Forged Fittings

Product Code : 091M000587

These Forged Pipe Fittings, are ordinarily used to alter the course in funneling, in this manner altering the course of the water stream. Our whole scope of fashioned stainless steel fittings, manufactured steel channel fittings, produced amalgam steel funnel fittings, string and attachment weld, 3000 fitting are acknowledged for high sturdiness, dimensional exactness, smooth completion, sealed and consumption safe components.
Product Code : 091M000586

A flange is a strategy for associating funnels, valves, pumps and other hardware to frame a channeling framework. It likewise gives simple access to cleaning, investigation or adjustment. Spines are normally welded or screwed. Flanged joints are made by catapulting together two spines with a gasket between them to give a seal.
Product Code : 001C000388

Couplings are gadgets used to interface two shafts together and are isolated into two classifications rigid and flexible. Both are utilized with the end goal of transmitting force, unbending couplings being more restricted in applications when contrasted with adaptable couplings. Unbending couplings are utilized where shafts are as of now situated in exact sidelong and rakish arrangement.

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Insulated Joints
Product Code : 091C000189

Insulated joints used to separate adjacent track circuits which is used to traditional design bolted rail joint with insulators and they can be used by Insulators glued to both joint bar and rail.