Gate Valves

Metal Seated Gate Valve
Product Code : 001M000954

Metal seat door valve utilized for pipeline detachment. This valve is appropriate for consumable water, wastewater and sewage obligations and covered service. It is covered with an extreme thermally reinforced acrylic covering furthermore comprises of Gunmetal denitrification safe top throwing fusing double O-ring seals and wiper ring for long life operation.
Hydraulic Gate Valves
Product Code : 091C000157

Hydraulic valve exactly directs the flow of a liquid medium, usually oil, through your hydraulic system. The direction of the oil flow is decided by the position of a spool.
Manual Gate Valves
Product Code : 091C000155

Manual gate valves are those valves that operate through a manual operator such as a handwheel or handlever, which are first used to stop and start flow (block or on off valves), although some designs can be used for basic throttling.
Product Code : 091C000037

The cast steel mainly refers to the body of the gate valve. It includes carbon steel and stainless steel the gate valve is called as linear-motion valve that uses a particular flat closure element perpendicular to the process flow, which slides into the flow stream to provide cutoff and they can be applied to both liquid and gas services for on-off function.
Forged Steel High Pressure Gate Valves
Product Code : 091C000031

Forged steel high pressure gate valve range includes carbon steel, alloys,stainless steel, and exotic alloys. Valve types insert, gate, globe and check with ratings of 900 lbs. to 2500 lbs.
Product Code : 091C000022

High-pressure cast steel valves is the pressure sealed type with graphite gasket. The graphite pressure seal gasket stop any tendency towards corrosion in the area responsible for tightening the valve. cast steel bodies provide low resistance flow and optimum strength and performance.
Knife Gate Valve
Product Code : 091C000017

knife gate valve is a component that uses a blade to cut through clogging of heavy liquids the knife gate valve does have a sharpened disk. This is meant to sever any stringent solids that may keep the valve from closing and causing it to leak whereas a slide gate valve is a component utilizing a slide plate in order to better manipulate or control the flow of dry large material. Knife Gates are to cut through thick liquids and gases.
Slide Gate Valve
Product Code : 091C000016

Slide gate valve supply a simple but extremely effective means of controlling and isolating the flow of powders, granules and pellets. Slide-gate-valves have their field of application within the shutting-off and sealing off bulk-solids.These slide-gate-valve acts as a lockable fence within the vertical pipe works, which can be closed with a solid sheet-metal plate.