Inductors, Coils and Chokes

Bobbin Wound Coils
Product Code : 001M000816

We make bobbin twisted curls in a full scope of sizes and sorts relying on your necessities. These incorporate the little to the substantial (so far as little as 1/16" x 1/16" utilizing 48 awg wire and as expansive as 18" in breadth x 3' since a long time ago, layered injury with 29 awg wire), pot center, hole center, steel overlay, and uniquely designed. Whatever curl you require chances are Warsaw Coil Company can improve it for you than any other person
Toroid Coils
Product Code : 001M000790

A toroid is a curl of protected or enameled wire twisted on a doughnut molded structure made of powdered iron. A toroid is utilized as an inductor as a part of electronic circuits, particularly at low frequencies where nearly expansive inductance are vital.

Dia-Netics inc

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EMI/RFI Common Mode Suppression Inductors
Product Code : 001M000707

Highly reliable triad normal mode EMI concealment inductors are utilized as a part of different sorts of force supplies to take out clamor regular to all lines. These units additionally give successful differential mode separating. Meeting VDE, IEC, UL, and CSA necessities, they minimize AC line transmitted obstruction regularly made by high recurrence exchanging power supplies

Premier Magnetics Inc

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Product Code : 001M000613

The induction coil include two separate coils: a primary and a secondary. The inner primary coil consists of covered wire wrapped around a middle iron core. The outer secondary coil is wrapped around the primary.

Case Tool Inc

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