Industrial Bellows

Standard Multi-Ply Exhaust Bellows
Product Code : 001M000684

The term multi-ply bellows method, that multiple tubes are telescoped together before the forming process. Each tube is fitted firmly throughout the following so after the convolutions are formed the proper hoop strength is achieved.

Duraflex Inc

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Product Code : 091C000285

These sheath are extensively used for cros slide & vertical slide protection in cnc's. A typical roll-away covers consists of a retraction screen fitting to a spring loaded con-sister. This is easy to install and very compact. We can offer many kinds of sheets to meet many kinds of demands.These covers are extensively used in different industries to protect the operators from flying debris.
Product Code : 091C000283

Bellows are used in machine to avert dust particles, metallic chips, foreign particles too. Manufacturer of all type of bellows, leather bellows, rexine bellows Each design is customized to meet your specific application parameters and operation requirements.
Product Code : 091C000282

Apron covers provide optimum protection of machine guide ways from contamination and coolant while at the same time reducing the risk of injury.Apron Covers and pit steel flex pit covers can be rolled up in order to save apron cover alguard aluminum space.
Product Code : 091C000276

Telescoping way covers are custom-sketch, covers for any machine tool application requiring protection of machine ways and screws. This telescoping cover, your valuable equipment will be protected from hot or heavy chip loads, dirt, oil, coolants, and from chance damage caused by dropped tools and work pieces.
Product Code : 091C000253

Rubber Bellows can be cause in a number of structures to meet various application requirements. The most common formation is equable of two connectors and a convolution region where the connectors provide the assembly interface and the convolution (bellows) region supply for the design application travel.