Material Handling System

Lump Crushers
Product Code : 091C000176

Lump Crusher that we provide is used for squash the cement lumps at the time of extraction that are formed inside the cement silo during storehouse. It conveys the material to flow control gate so that the free flow of material is ensured in the system
Product Code : 001M000580

Blasting equipment is plan for cleaning-to-surface preparation to the largest and most demanding blasting projects. Our vapor abrasive blasting instruments generates less dust and uses less water and media than traditional wet blasting equipment, saving time and money.
Product Code : 001M000565

Blasting nozzles meet the dare of demanding environments. Our abrasive blast nozzles are backed by outstanding customer service and technical assist.Count on these styles of abrasive blast nozzles in the harshest environments.

Blastman Robotics

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Abrasive Handling System
Product Code : 001M000555

Blastman abrasive handling manufacturer of pneumatic conveyors used for handling abrasive materials. Material handling conveyors contain pneumatic conveying & blending systems, upgrades, air & gas compressors, air gravity.

Blastman Robotics

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Concrete Bucket
Product Code : 091M000514

Concrete pail that is a material handling equipment, generally used in the construction industry. These are used to took ready concrete blender from one place to another within the construction premises
Rack Transporter
Product Code : 001M000488

The rack transport system use standard non wheeled racks and the rts framework can utilize both haggled wheeled racks.both framework lift the rack up from the stacking station and place them tenderly onto the curing ovens in the wake of being stacked by a programmed rack loader unloaded the rt framework can deal with racks sizes from little to large.The rts framework is intended to convey considerably higher loads and can deal with rack sizes from vast to extensive


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Clamshell Gate - Low Headroom Double Clamshell Gate
Product Code : 001S000356

Double Clamshell Gates are fabricated with pneumatic actuators as standard. The lattice riggings of the clamshell parts are especially activity and laser cut to suit the expanse of the gate. Clamshell doors are suited for the unlimited mass release of mass materials out of storehouses and dugouts. In a vacant position the shellfishes are arranged outside the region of material stream along these lines enhancing the life cycle of the clamshell because of diminished wear. We also design and fabricate products like Low Headroom Clamshell Gates, Low Headroom Double Clamshell Gate, Flared Low Headroom Clamshell Gates, Double Clamshell Gates

Merts Inc

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Product Code : 091C000273

Pneumatic hammer vibrator are suitable for loosening of adhesive material crusts on walls, pipes and bins.We apply our dedication to innovation, our understanding of consumer needs and our relationships with suppliers to deliver these solutions.
Earth Compactor
Product Code : 091C000187

Earth compactor machine are a renowned and reputed organization, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of earth compactor machine. We are involved in manufacturing and supplying earth compactor. Used in construction sector, these machines are always high on demand.