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Synthetic RNA
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No need to anneal crRNA:tracrRNA Higher efficiency and reduced lab time Better in vivo stability When duplexed with Cas9 nuclease Cost-effective Highly scalable for large numbers of experiments 100% DNA-free No risk of integrating foreign DNA into cell line A single oligonucleotide Ready for transfection out-of-the box Optimized for SpCas9 Optimized 80mer Synthego scaffold for use with SpCas9
Orthopaedic Pulsed Lavage and Autotransfusion
Product Code : 001M001076

orthopedic perioperative auto transfusion framework is a completely mechanized gadget that gathers, washes, and returns your patients' blood amid and after orthopedic surgery giving them the most obvious opportunity at staying away from pointless allergenic transfusions and related dangers of disease.


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