Product Code : 091C000274

Vibrating bin aerator types combine product aeration under operating pressure reaching 4 bar with an additional slight shaking on the silo wall. Due to their design damage of the silo is impossible even with abrasive materials. Compressed air is begin into the stored material through the silicon lip which adheres to the inside silo wall.
Concrete Mixer
Product Code : 091C000185

concrete blender is a device that homogeneously combines concrete, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete - a mechanical device that mixes concrete with water and aggregate, such as sand or pea gravel, to make concrete.
Paddle Pan Mixer
Product Code : 091C000184

Pan Mixture is used for shuffle of concrete, mortar, refractory and other material at ease in rugged site condition. We are one of the leading producer and exporters of pan mixture Machines, which is manufactured in compliance with international quality standards.
Pug Mill
Product Code : 091C000011

Pug mill is a machine used to grind and mix wet and dry materials, usually for clay asphalt and similar compounds. Maybe you want a pugmill with a vacuum chamber that will remove the air and produce ready-to-use logs of clay. This consists of a vessel and one or more rotating arms with blades or paddles on them. These act like a blender, producing a smooth, moist mixture that is easy to work with.