Pipe Flanges

Stainless Steel Blind Plate Flanges
Product Code : 001M001046

Stainless steel daze spines are utilized to shut off pipelines or portals to hardware, for example, valves or pumps. Stainless steel daze ribs are additionally joined into pipe frameworks as assessment spreads. The stainless steel daze rib is likewise alluded to as a blanking rib, dazzle level confronted spine, daze pipe rib or clear rib fitting.
Blind Flange
Product Code : 001M000750

A Blind flange is round plate which has the greater part of the pertinent boltholes however no inside gap, and as a result of this element this spine is utilized to shut off the closures of a funneling frameworks and weight vessel openings. It additionally allows simple access to the inside of a line or vessel once it has been fixed and should be revived