Roadway Spikes

Magnum Spike Strips
Product Code : 001M001024

Magnum Spikes is the main designed framework available to securely and all the more quickly flatten all tires including the new self-fixing and run-punctured tires. Diminishing pursue time expands officer well being, spares lives and forestalls property harm.
Low Profile Traffic Spikes - Tire Shredder
Product Code : 001M001023

Traffic Spike System is outlined and built to permit activity to continue uninhibitedly in one direction. Low Profile Traffic Spikes – Tire Shredder capacity is to keep vehicles from continuing through controlled section areas by puncturing tires while permitting unlimited entry for vehicles going in the reasonable direction.
Surface Mounted Tire Spikes - Tire Spikes
Product Code : 001M000779

This directional spike system is used to control movement in one course. Vehicle may enter, however not exit without outrageous tire hurt. Spring stacked spikes stay up and viably go down when vehicles ignore the system in the right heading; in any case, if slighting it in the backwards (wrong) direction,all tires will be cut