Support Stands

WK-59-2000 Series Adjustable Stands
Product Code : 001M000796

The stand is accessible with either a movable instrument segment, likewise called the "halfway tube" (beneath left) or with an instrument connector altered specifically to the tribrach at the highest point of the stand (underneath right). The flexible instrument mount utilizes a hand wheel-driven worm gear for here and there modification of the instrument segment. The neckline may then be clipped to maintain a strategic distance from any accidental instrument development. A connector on top of the middle of the road tube gives a standard outer 3½"- 8 string for mounting instruments or different connectors.
Wedge locks
Product Code : 001M000619

Wedge lock card retainers are utilized with warmth edges and conduction plates to give the vital cinching power to guarantee great warm exchange. Wedge locks offer the most elevated bolting power accessible for frosty divider applications.The retainer is mounted either straightforwardly to the PCB or to a warmth outline get together, then embedded into a machined channel of a chilly divider inside a rough fenced in area. Whenever extended, the PCB is cinched set up giving imperiousness to stun and vibration and warm exchange.

Wakefield thermal Solution

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Product Code : 001M000616

Hurricane stands are pretty level in hurricane-prone areas and they requires that all rooftop equipment and supports shall be fix to the structure in compliance with the loading requirements


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