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Essen Deink is a creator of high-exactness, predominant electrical and electronic connectors and little scale switches Essen Deinki Electrical things including diverse switches, terminal squares, meters, and connections.

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Our experts design and produce sub switch board complying with all statutory norms.The panel boards are manufactured with high grade carriers equipment. Our team using seven tank process for powder coating, ensuring efficiency and durability of voltage panel boards.
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We are occupied with assembling a different scope of medium voltage panel. Our offered item is broadly utilized for controlling change of voltage. We are equipped for creating finest grade medium voltage panel. We have led thorough R&D exercises to satisfy the affirmation of safe force dispersion. Perfect for concentrated controls the offered board is perfect for residential and modern establishment. The offered board is outfitted with high performing switches, wires or circuit breakers and extraordinarily built for utility establishment and conveyance lines.
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Lighting distribution boards are an integral and required part of every building project and it must be designed, manufactured and installed all in following with the safety standards.
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These offer authority of access to multiple devices at a glance and also saving of money due to much shorter lengths of wiring and termination.Power distribution boards as its simply a basic circuit board that connects all the ground connectors to one additional and all the positive connectors together allowing you to power all of the equipment on your drone in a neat and easy technique instead of having a birds nest of power cables going between all your boards
Product Code : 091C000289

Distribution boards are an major element of an electrical power system which divides an electricity supply feed into independent circuits for different loads. Distribution boards typically consist of an enclosure in which protective circuit breakers for the load circuits are mounted.
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The motor control center is equally in three functional compartments. The bus bar compartment, where the main horizontal and vertical bus bar are located. The equipment compartment, and the Cable compartment, where the termination is located which is design for fast and comfortable cabling.
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We are occupied in manufacturing a wide range of automatic power factor capacitor panels. These electrical control panels sustain the power factor of the system automatically by switching the capacitor banks as per the needs of the system.
Feeder Pillar
Product Code : 091C000183

Feeder pillar supply local isolation to your electrical distribution equipment, protecting both the cabling and the transformer from defect. Feeder pillars allow simple and local maintenance to your equipment, reducing site downtime and reducing overall maintenance costs
Relay Control Panel
Product Code : 091C000164

Relay control panel is a case which contains electrical components to control the motors and equipments. Control panels relay are mainly used for the development of power factor. Power factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption.
Aluminum Junction Box
Product Code : 091C000109

Aluminum junction box are designed by using superior quality material, these aluminum junction boxes are in conformation with the set volume of the industry. Our aluminum junction box is resistance against corrosion and fire.