Testing and Inspecting Equipment

Dew Point Monitors
Product Code : 001M001106

Dew Point Display in ° C or ° F Relay Output with Adjustable Set Point 4 - 20mA or 0 - 5 Volt Recorder Output Audible Alarm with Disable Switch High Visibility Alarm Light Low Maintenance - Sensor May be Replaced Easily Dew Point Monitors measure moisture levels in compressed air systems to prevent corrosion and freeze-ups.

Newport Scientific, Inc.

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Easy Laser E540 Shaft Alignment System
Product Code : 001M001104

Simple laser E540 Shaft Alignment framework is a tough, exact framework with a powerful arrangement of components to guarantee you can adjust even the most difficult machines. The easy laser E540 is aggressively valued and has standard elements that are an additional on numerous different frameworks.

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Easy Laser E710 Shaft Alignment and Measurement System
Product Code : 001M001025

Easy Laser is one of the worlds driving producers and providers of laser based estimation and arrangement frameworks. We create direct items made to rapidly and precisely perform estimations and adjust machines for assignments in a wide range of industry.

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RockWellcum Brinell Hardness Tester
Product Code : 091C000215

Hardness testers are used to check the hardness of various metallic materials/ components before these materials/ components are put into use. Enriched with rich industrial experience, we are among the prominent suppliers and service providers of wide range of quality assured rockwell cum brinell hardness tester. With the assistance of skilled and dedicated professionals,
Spring Testing Machine
Product Code : 091C000214

Spring testing machine permit load deflection tests of tension and compression springs to be carried out accurately and quickly. Spring testing machine incorporates design features to enable high accuracy testing with economy, speed and versatility.
Impact Testing Machine
Product Code : 091C000213

The Impact testing equipment works on pendulum principle.Pendulum impact testing equipment is well known for its rugged design, high accuracy and low operating costs.
Torsion Testing Machine
Product Code : 091C000212

Torsion tests twist a material or test element to a specified degree, with a specified force, or until the material fails in torsion.We also offer control system upgrades and a broad line of new general purpose test machines.
Computerized Universal Testing Machine
Product Code : 091C000211

We offer computerized universal testing machine in various models as per clients requirements.The complete measuring and controlling system accept specific pc control card used for testing machines, realizing the data zero and plus adjustment, which had very high reliability.
Digital Universal Testing Machine
Product Code : 091C000210

Digital universal testing machine is draft tor testing metals and other material under tension, compression, bending, diagonal and shear loads, hardness test on metals can also conducted.
Fatigue Testing Machine
Product Code : 091C000192

Fatigue testing machines may be classified from variant view-points such as purpose of the test, type of stressing, means of generating the load, operation characteristics, type of load, etc.