Thrust Bearings

T-100 Branded Thurst Bearings
Product Code : 001M000846

Auburn enclosed style T-100 ball thrust bearing is suggest for use in exposed locations where protection from dust, dirt, water, or other overseas matter is required. It is self-contained; the two races and balls are held together as a single unit by the outside sleeve.
Banded Thrust Bearing
Product Code : 001M000789

Pushed bearing involve a full supplement of precision steel balls arranged between two or three crisp surrounded races. The entire social gathering is gotten by a sensitive steel band. The band goes about as a shield to hold the treatment and keep contaminants out.

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Product Code : 001M000672

The motivation behind the push bearing is to give a positive hub area to the rotors in respect to the barrels. To accomplish this, it must have the capacity to withstand the unequal pushes because of sharp edge response and steam weight following up on uneven regions. It must be free from upkeep, with the exception of at significant blackouts.

Torque Transmission

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