Urethane Adhesives

Bostik GoldPlus
Product Code : 001M000712

Gold Plus is a prepared to-use, roller-connected, latex waterproofing and against crack film for use underneath slim set clay tile establishments on vertical and level surfaces. Use to forestall tile splitting brought on by the shrinkage of new solid pieces and to avert laughs hysterically to 1⁄8" from exchanging through tile or stone. Use gold plus to waterproof showers, latrines, wellsprings, business kitchens and eateries, and so on
Sanding Paste
Product Code : 001M000602

Sanding Paste 750ML waterborne glue utilized for delicately sanding old paintwork preceding painting, giving attachment to the new layer of paint. Silicone and alkali free. It can be utilized as a part of spot of the standard wet or dry sanding paper.

Catalyst Industries

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