Water Level Controllers

Wireless Water Level Controller
Product Code : 091C000260

The objective of this project is to monitor and control the water level in tank through wireless. If water level enlarge the desired level then it will turn off the motor. Its electronic sensors will determine liquid level in tank and transmits the signal to the controller and as per programmed intelligence controls the motor to switch it on and off automatically.
Product Code : 091C000257

The level controller is associated with the float switch to control the infra sonar reflector as indicated by the water level of the Tank. At the point when the water achieves the base level the level controller send orders to the reflector to permit the stream of water. The infra sonar Transceiver is customized to set the sign quality of the recurrence of the sign in Hertz to Mega Hertz and modified to begins the engine pump when it never gets the transmitted sign back
Automatic Water Level Controller - wired
Product Code : 091C000245

The main aim of automatic water level control is to save water which is the first necessity of human being. System place with a sensor that monitors two level of water. The upper level and lower level. User can adjust the level by regulate the length of cable between weight and float.