Wind Generators

Product Code : 091C000242

The whisper 500 low voltage (LV) wind generator is manufactured set at 48 volts, and the whisper 500 high voltage (HV) wind generator is factory set at 240 volts.These systems present mechanical, electrical and chemical (battery)hazards that can be life threatening.
Product Code : 091C000241

The Whisper 200 charge judge is an intelligent wind charge controller to provide the safest, secure and productive wind generator working. The Controller mechanism includes the monitoring of various parameters like battery voltage, battery charge, load diversion, auto manual setting, cumulative kWh, etc
Product Code : 091C000240

New whisper 100 controller near with a controller that offers greater reliability and superior control for battery charging.The whisper 100 with its 7 ft. (2.1m) rotor diameter and 40 sq. ft. swept area, is rugged enough for extreme environments.
AIR-X 400
Product Code : 091C000239

The Air-X has an inconceivable 400w yield pressed into a little lightweight body with inherent charge controller. It is suggested in territories with higher wind speeds and is particularly intended for use in marine situations whether on yachts, floats, seaside or modern establishments.