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First E Source (FeS) focuses on engineering products and services companies. People from various engineering fields have plenty of opportunity to gain good clients here.

How we Serve Engineering Service Providers

You gain exposure by publishing your engineering services in our portal—drawing domestic as well as international clients You will be able to find all types of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and related products on our portal Email will be sent to all members regarding each & every important new activity and event in the Engineering industry It is possible to transact in different engineering fields, such as Fabrication, Erection, Electrical Consultants, Contractors, Oil & Gas Industry, Architecture, and Automation Important specifications and data related to all engineering products and services can be collected from our web portal

FeS Advantages

You can find different types of visitors from many engineering fields on our site. You can get valid registered clients looking for engineering services Recruitment of engineering graduates in different disciplines is possible through our website Profiles and details about engineers working anywhere can be circulated through articles and publications in presentable manner You gain important information about all engineering products and services by registering with us You can post engineering problem on the Internet and get best possible solutions from professionals

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